Casey’s Story


On March 11th, 2016, Dr. Casey Mitchell was fatally shot in a tragic murder-suicide by her husband of one year while inside her home in San Antonio, Texas. The entire community was shocked at the revelation that there had been ongoing domestic violence, a revelation which was sadly discovered too late.

Casey led a life of giving to others without pause or expectations. She was a woman who put love into every role she took on… Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Neighbor, Physician, Volunteer, Parishioner, Student, and Mentor. She was a champion and cheerleader for anyone who needed her. She was the very definition of grace. No one could have ever imagined that she would become a victim of domestic violence. She was a fierce protector of others, and because of that inclination she held a dark secret in an effort to protect those who loved her. There were no obvious signs along the way. There was never a cry for help which went unheard. It just happened that fast.

In the United States, homicide at the hands of an intimate partner happens every 8 hours.


Every day, 3 women are murdered by their partners. Every day 3 lives are lost. 3 families are broken. 3 communities are devastated. 3 women will never see tomorrow.

1,095 women per year.

We can do better.

The translation of Casey’s name is the word “Brave”, and until her very last breath she truly lived up to that definition. In the weeks which followed, out of the ashes of countless questions and unspeakable grief, Project BRAVE was born. Through it Casey will continue to do what she did best… love others and save lives.